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Letter: America cannot tolerate Trump’s continued leadership

According to Donald Trump, he’s done more in two-and-a-half years of his presidential term than any president in history. It’s hard to disagree!

He’s done more to foster hate and division among American citizens than any president in recent memory.

He has shamelessly sided with autocratic strongmen and done more to alienate American allies than any previous president. By the way, is a pathological liar like Trump even capable of feeling shame?

He’s done more to destabilize our national security through his lack of any semblance of a foreign policy (barking about building a “big, beautiful wall” does not constitute a foreign policy) and allowing dangerous world powers like Russia and China to run roughshod over human rights and to aggressively promote their own hostile agendas unchecked.

He tolerates and even supports brutal regimes in Saudi Arabia and North Korea. So what if he’s met on three occasions with Kim Jong Un? Nothing has changed in terms of North Korea’s relentless mission to build and stockpile nuclear weapons.

Has there ever been anything close to the revolving door of cabinet members and other high-ranking officials coming and going, through a mere two-and-a-half years of this presidency?

Forget about the stability and continuity our country needs for effective leadership. The only thing I see resembling any sense of policy in this inept administration is one of thin-skinned defensiveness to any criticism, manifested by Trump’s confrontational style toward anyone who opposes him and a stubborn refusal to take the office of chief executive seriously.

How can a real president not even bother to take the time to review national security memos? Trump seems to have the attention span of a 4-year-old.

How’s our nation’s infrastructure doing? How is disrespecting women and people of color, promoting xenophobia and attempting to obstruct justice OK? Is this what our country has deteriorated to, where such behavior by our alleged leader is tolerated? If this is truly the standard to which our country has sunk, sadly we may indeed have the president we deserve.

Michael Scully


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