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Editorial: It seems to us – Money for nothing, fooling no one, and a final fold at the dry-cleaners

It’s not exactly Hollywood glamor, but residents of Olcott Beach on Lake Ontario are in the midst of movie set as “A Quiet Place 2” films in their Niagara County town.

It’s got to be both disruptive and fun, but residents of Ontario Street, which is closest to the lake, have hit a true bonanza: The producers are paying them $500 each in exchange for doing … nothing. That is, for not cutting their grass for three weeks.

Then, again, we know plenty of people who do that for nothing, and without a horror film shooting.

This week’s Stupid Award goes to one Brandon Killian of Oklahoma, who repeatedly punched himself in the face while in police custody.

The 29-year-old had been arrested when, police say, he and a friend were caught on security video beating up another man in a parking. That’s the thing about video.

Police believe Killian may have been trying to match his face with his explanation: that he was acting in self-defense. What he apparently didn’t know, or consider, is that even as an officer left the police interview room to get a camera, another video camera was recording him as he pummeled himself.

Some people are slow learners.

You know you live in a close-knit community when even the closing of a dry cleaners causes sorrow.

So it is with Rotundo’s Laundry on West Ferry Street, which is closing up shop after 72 years of cleaning, pressing and starching. It’s a marker, and a sad one, for the business’ clients and its neighborhood.

The shop opened as a coin-operated launderette just two years after the end of World War II. Bennie and Felimina “Minnie” Rotundo put in 15 Bendix washing machines and five dryers, and the business grew.

Today, their son, Gary, runs the store and, at 77, he knew it was time to stop.

Call it a crease in time.

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