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'Daily Show with Trevor Noah' asks: 'Who the (expletive) is Chuck Schumer?'

Under former host Jon Stewart, "The Daily Show" over the years has enjoyed tweaking New York's senior senator, Chuck Schumer.

Now the new incarnation of the show, hosted by Trevor Noah, is getting in on the fun.

A recent segment featured "news" correspondent Jaboukie Young-White visiting a high school in Rhode Island to talk to students who have launched a high-profile legal fight over the quality of civics education in the nation's schools.

As part of the piece, Young-White interviewed Michael Rebell, a professor at Columbia University's Center for Educational Equity.

Young-White pretended to be utterly ignorant of basic civics information, such as when he gave the names of actors from the "Avengers" movies as sitting Supreme Court justices.

Rebell, amazed, asked Young-White if he could name his member of Congress. (Start around 3:10 in the video to get the set-up for the Schumer comment.)

"It doesn't really matter about my representative, because I know who my senator is. It's Bernie Sanders," Young-White replied, referring to the senator and presidential candidate from Vermont.

"I don't think Chuck Schumer's going to like that answer," Rebell said.

"Who the (expletive) is Chuck Schumer?" Young-White said quizzically.

"He's your senator from New York," Rebell said. The Daily Show is filmed in New York.

"Senator Schumer got a good laugh from the clip and believes the real concern is: If he doesn’t know who his senator is, wait till he finds out that Julia Louis-Dreyfus isn’t really the Vice President," Schumer spokeswoman Ally Biasotti said of the character in the HBO series "Veep" in an email. "To get clarity for both Schumer and Young-White, he’s happy to welcome Jaboukie and Trevor Noah down to discuss something they can all agree on: the importance of a high-quality civics education."


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