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Letter: Trump has had his chance; now vote him out of office

Why do so many people just look the other way when it comes to the president? Without question these people don’t seem to care that this man is so flawed on so many levels. He has exposed the underbellies of most of his appointees, as well as himself. I believe that many people were turned on to him because he wasn’t a politician, and stressed that he cared about the “average Joe.” But I don’t understand how all his supporters didn’t see how he was (and is) playing them.

I know that many politicians (both sides) talk out of both sides of their mouth(s) to get votes. I get it. However, this president presents a clear danger to all that America stands for. His decisions are based on what’s being said about him on all the networks. This is a reality show for him. I truly believe he lacks the intelligence and disposition to be president. His ego is so large … it’s always about him and how he looks to us and world leaders (whom by the way, I’m sure are laughing at home and can’t believe America elected this clown!)

I do think everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves. OK, we gave him a chance, we elected him to be our president. He has said more than once, “I’m a stable genius.” If he has the need to say that, then he is clearly covering his deficits. Truth be known, I bet the majority of the GOP can’t stand him! Yet again, they are more worried about their own re-election(s).

Where are we in the mix? OK, we gave him a chance, he’s showing us who he is and what he’s all about. Now it’s up to us. We need to get back the respect the United States has worked so long and hard to achieve … or, we reelect “Ha-Ha the Clown!”

It is up to us.

Margaret Bakowski


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