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Letter: Sanders’ socialism agenda will subvert American values

OK, let’s call it. I’ve read that Bernie Sanders follows Marx. He is a socialist.

Citizen Bernie says for socialism, we must examine our moral conscience. It’s a moral thing? Gee, he makes it sound like a religion.

Examining my morality, I’ve learned that socialism goes broke. Just like the United States they have border issues with numerous immigrants trying to enter their countries.

I heard Citizen Bernie wanted to nationalize the energy companies and banks. His program of Medicare for everyone will cost trillions with the end result being nationalizing other firms, and what’s next, seizing individual assets?

I want to reinforce Citizen Bernie’s Xanadu world even more. How about this economic model? Everyone is owed and everything is free and no one has to work. I strongly suggest that for the sake of American society, that the boys on Wall Street run these numbers to see if they’ll work, because Bernie Sanders says they will.

I am hopeful that our informed democratic society will elect Citizen Bernie as president. If this joyous day comes there will be one opportunity for U.S. citizens. We can move to North Korea.

Bill Casil

East Amherst

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