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Letter: Nike should stop listening to bad advice from ex-player

With the recent controversy over the new Nike sneaker featuring a “Betsy Ross” flag on the back of it, I didn’t know that the ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was either part owner or one of the largest shareholders of the company! Just because he was offended by the type of flag, Nike pulled the sneakers from all stores. I really think that it’s time for Kaepernick to buy a Greyhound bus or better yet, hop on an Amtrak train and “beat feet” out of town, meaning leave the U.S.

He is a bitter person who has nothing to do but complain. I don’t believe he has a life. He keeps living in the past. The past is the past, none of us can change what happened but we can strive to make things better now. What is he doing to make things better? As he is leaving the U.S. he can take the rest of the “privileged whiners” with him.

In fact, he can take Megan Rapinoe from the U.S. soccer team with him. She is another complainer who ironically plays for the U.S. but won’t acknowledge the national anthem. Stop complaining or move, already. Believe me, people will take your place in this country in a heartbeat. Appreciate what you have.

Also, a note to Nike: You said that you pulled the sneaker so that it wouldn’t pose a problem for the Fourth of July, but it did anyway. Next time you want to introduce a new sneaker, I suggest that you contact Colin.

Karen Gall


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