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Letter: By attacking his record, Harris sold voters on Biden

Sen. Kamala Harris is no longer on my list for president. I’m a supporter of former Vice President Joe Biden.

She attacked him unjustly, I feel. What occurred in the 1970s has long past. Old news … it was the times.

He was taken back by her attack, so it did leave him speechless.

He could have interrupted her but because he is a gentleman and considerate, he kept his dignity.

He is a decent man, and human being. Not like what we have now.

Biden has an exemplary record in our government. He has the most experience in running the country. He would be respectful on a daily basis.

He is not a liar, crook, woman abuser, name caller, tax cheat.

Donald Trump has brought our country down as never before. It took over a hundred years for your forefathers to earn respect and faith in the USA by many countries. He put a dark blemish on the USA.

Biden is the only choice.

Gloria Tylec


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