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Letter: Tesla is looking more like one of those magic bullets

There is something going on in our town and it’s called RiverBend. New York State threw a boat load of money to Buffalo. Buffalo Millions. You know Buffalo. The City of Come Close.

The Tesla word is sounding more and more every day like, do I need to say Bass Pro? Are you kidding me? When, dear Lord, will the weak-minded politicians in this Queen City of the Great Lakes wake up and understand we do not need to prostitute ourselves to the open market?

Look around. Uncontrollable fires? Severe flooding? Wind-destroying events? So a little bit of snow when you shouldn’t go outside, anyway. Take a vacation! Snow melts.

We need to change the scenery politically, if and when, this city wants to become something other than the “City of Come Close.”

Bill Krieger


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