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Letter: Political parties could offer voters unique election choices

While trying to decide the set of characteristics I might like in my choice for a candidate in the 2020 presidential election, I may have inadvertently coined the longest English language descriptive word; vilelyinnarcissisticmegalomaniacaldangerousnutcase. The longest up to now was a type of lung disease that uses 45 letters.

I believe this new word might well describe the type of person that I, and many others, would like to represent us around the world. The type of person to make us proud Americans. The type of person who would instill total confidence that he, or she, could be trusted to have the nuclear button close at hand.

Possibly in the upcoming election, or if not, the one after that, both political parties will favor us with two candidates having the same characteristics as described above.

Wouldn’t that be a real treat for our country?

What could possibly be more ideal? How could we lose?

Wouldn’t all the men and women who sacrificed their lives and limbs in war to help keep America the best country in the world be so proud of us?

Bill Meetze


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