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Letter: Democratic debates featured loser candidates

Watching the Democratic debates reminded me of a bad Saturday night sitcom. I mean really, this party has little to offer American voters. In fact, it puts a bullseye on the back of the middle-class taxpayer.

Social program after social program was the hot topic and the norm. One of the worst and most appalling gestures was a show of hands when all candidates singled free hospitalization for all undocumented immigrants. Really?

Come November 2020, Americans will not and must not be fooled by their shallow reasoning that this could be an alternative which paints a rosy picture at the government expense to appease and pad the liberal base.

Watching these debates was like being on a merry-go-round and the final result was all the candidates became dizzy.

Border security, infrastructure, the economy and affordable health care including lower drug prices were all but mute topics, including term limits and abortion restrictions – all fell on deaf ears.

Anthony Hammill

South Buffalo

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