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Letter: Left-leaning Democrats should reconsider stance

It would seem to me that the Resist movement, aka, radical left/Democratic Party would have us make a U-turn towards the stone age with perhaps a pause at Medieval times past.

Yes, it could be said that we are living in that condition now with the haves and the have not’s, but the level of wealth even with the have not’s today is light years ahead of where it was 600 years ago.

The greenies would ban air travel and do away with internal combustion engines. Since America feeds much of the world, our agricultural production would be greatly affected putting at peril many in far off lands as well as our own domestic population. It is simplistic and naive to make such blanket statements regarding fossil fuels and their uses.

If living in a mud hut with a thatched roof is interesting to you, please go do it, the Renaissance festival can use you. If handing over your total daily production to the laird in the big house is romantic to you, go for it.

What really concerns me is how are Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Joan Baez, Bill Gates, Bono and Angela Davis going to get to their next gig?

Resistance is feudal. I’m off to go serf in California.

David McElroy


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