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Letter: Vaccine editorial overstates the issue

The Buffalo News’ recent editorial commending the New York State Legislature for eliminating a parent’s right to refuse vaccines for religious reasons is simply astounding. The statement of justification based on the current “health crisis” of measles outbreak is laughable. A total of 1,022 cases in 28 states (total population in those states might be 300 million?) is not a health crisis. Sick children are not flooding hospitals and emergency rooms due to measles.

Ebola is a health crisis; Big Pharma pushing opioids is a health crisis; Big Pharma concocting “new” vaccines for every “crisis” they can dream up is a crisis. Politicians being bribed with money from Big Pharma to eliminate parental protection rights is a crisis.

One month earlier, I specifically heard Gov. Andrew Cuomo say that forced vaccines would go against our constitutional rights and then he approved just the opposite.

A recent report stated that Merck & Co., one of the largest makers of vaccines, had approved a $48 million “gift” to New York State with a promise to create 115 new jobs in the Albany area.

Amazing … this is the real crisis. Wall Street loves vaccines. Our democracy for some time now has been run by Wall Street. Crisis?

John Prybylski


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