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Editorial: It seems to us – A foxy adventure, wasps by the bushel, a bit of luck

How to walk from Europe to North America in 76 days: Follow that fox.

It seems a young arctic fox knew about something most humans don’t: It’s possible to traipse between the continents. The critter, experts say, was hungry, so she started walking. She began her incredible journey in Norway and, some 2½ months later, found herself in Canada.

How? By walking across frozen stretches of the Arctic ocean that – for now, at least – connect the continents during the coldest times of the year.

Scientists are amazed, but there is an obvious concern: The same route is plainly available for other creatures, as well, and from all around Europe, not to mention Asia and the Middle East.

Maybe we should build an Arctic wall.

As if Alabama didn’t already have enough to worry about – a pedophile running for U.S. Senate (again), a school system ranked among the nation’s worst – now it has wasps to worry about.

And not just wasps, but stingers making themselves home in what observers are accurately calling “super nests.” Consider the case of poor James Barron. The South Alambaman went into his smokehouse recently and found that since he last entered it just two months earlier, wasps had built a nest stretching 7 feet along the wall. That’s big enough to hold between 15,000 and 18,000 of the buzzing, stinging, angry insects.

They’re dangerous. People have been seriously injured trying to remove them without the help of professionals. Barron, himself, was stung 11 times trying to kill them with a hornet spray.

The issue, experts says, is the changing climate. With warmer winters, more queens survive the season there. Each of them can produce more than 20,000 eggs.

Paging Ripley, a.k.a Sigourney Weaver.

Here’s how to make good use of an unexpected delay: United Press International reports that when Anita Snyder found out she was going to have to wait an extra 20 minutes for the pizza she ordered, she decided to play the British Columbia lottery.

She opted to try the lottery’s new $30 Weekly Pack covering all the week’s drawings and, sometime after the June 26 drawing, casually checked her ticket. What she found made her scream: She had matched all six numbers in the BC/49 drawing, winning a jackpot of just over $1.5 million.

“The only reason I scanned the ticket was because I was changing my purse before I left for lunch,” she said. “I ran into my husband’s room and asked him if he could see [the prize] too. I think I screamed.”
Who wouldn’t? Even for Canadian dollars …

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