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Letter: America needs more love, less hate and intolerance

At the beginning of May, a Holocaust museum was dedicated to those who died or survived the murder of six million Jews by the Nazi regime. It is ironic that as this museum was dedicated, the neo-Nazi group has raised its poisonous head to stir up hatred and violence toward those who are not of the Aryan race – this also includes the Ku Klux Klan.

President Trump acts as a cheerleader for these groups: There are “very fine people on both sides” according to him. How can the American people tolerate a man who would say this?

Since the Holocaust, there have been genocides in these countries: Rwanda, Cambodia, Myanmar, Kosovo, etc. When will this cease? It takes courage to stand up to these people in truth and charity as the prophets of the Hebrew scriptures, Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, St. Pope John Paul II, St. Oscar Romero, etc.

It appears that those who hate so much cannot tolerate those who oppose them. This same phenomenon appeared in Nazi Germany, Russia, Syria, Rwanda, Cambodia, etc.

The ideology for genocide is here as represented by the neo-Nazi, KKK and other hate groups. The Southern Law Poverty Project has become the watchdog, protecting those who are threatened by these groups.

Perhaps, the best solution is that offered by Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King and other Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and other religious leaders, is that of love. Love of God, neighbor, family and even our enemies is a more peaceful and just option and in keeping with God’s Commandments. Let us do this!

Joseph Strychasz


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