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[BN] Blitz newsletter: 2018 draft pick Siran Neal working at slot cornerback

When the Bills drafted Siran Neal, they called him a safety. But versatility was one of the things that drew Sean McDermott to the FCS product.

Neal played wide receiver in high school, switched to linebacker in college, then moved back to safety and cornerback. He was an all-conference selection at linebacker in 2016 and safety in 2017.

Neal played mostly special teams during his rookie season with the Bills and logged only 15 snaps on defense, according to data form Pro Football Focus. Most of those were at safety, but he did fill in briefly at slot cornerback in Week 2.

Speaking recently about why he changed his jersey number, Neal also mentioned that he's getting work at a different position this spring, playing exclusively as a slot cornerback during offseason team activity. The move may not be permanent, but it's a chance for Neal to showcase all the tools in his toolbox as he seeks an expanded role in Year 2.

Here's hoping the move works out so Bills fans can say opposing receivers weren't just covered – they were Siran wrapped.



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