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A cat and a watering can

The above photo received more than 55% of the votes in our latest Reader Challenge. We asked people to send in photos of watering cans.

Apparently, one calico cat thought the challenge should be watering can and cat. Or, more precisely, cat and watering can.

The photo was the No. 1 pick after readers voted.

"My kitty loves flowers as much as I do," said Marcia Donner, who photographed her flower-loving feline, Carlie, on the front porch of her Marilla home.

The metal watering can, she said, was a birthday gift from a friend.

Thank you to those who sent in photos and to everyone who voted.

And for our next Reader Challenge: Bird baths!

This week's Reader Challenge is bird baths. Please send in your photos. (Sharon Cantillon/News file photo)

Continuing on our water theme (watering cans being our last Reader Challenge, rain boots the one before that), we are now looking for photos of bird baths.

Many people have them in their backyards. Bird baths come in all shapes, sizes, materials and designs.

Some hang from trees; others are low to the ground or placed on pedestals. Some are decorative, even whimsical. Others, plain and simple but still beloved by backyard birds.

Now it's time for you to send in a photo of the bird bath in your garden.

Email your photo to A phone number is helpful. Also please give us a few details about it and tell us who took the photo.

We plan to have readers vote for their favorite.

A few details: If we publish the photo online, we would like to include your name. We will not print your phone number or street name, but we would like to indicate the town, village or city where you live.

There is a deadline: We need the photos by 6 p.m. June 10 so the voting can begin!

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