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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Matt Milano wants no memory of season-ending leg injury

It's often said that playing quarterback requires a short memory. Holding on to a recent failure can plant the doubt that facilitates another mistake. Success requires a degree of confidence that has no place for fear or hesitation.

Bills linebacker Matt Milano is taking that idea to an extreme as he returns from a broken leg that ended his 2018 season. His method of retaining fearlessness amounts to scrubbing the memory from his mind – by any means necessary.

“I threw my cleats out,” Milano said, referring to the Nikes he wore as he was carted off the field last December. “Everything associated with that game. Pictures and stuff. I just try to let that stay in the past and just move forward.”

Football players know that injury is a virtual certainty if they play long enough, but allowing that fear to creep into their minds would create a split-second of hesitation that a fearless opponent could exploit. Trashing material goods may seem unnecessary, but if it helps prevent triggering a memory of a traumatic event, but it's something more of us ought to try.

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