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Letter: Rollbacks on Roe v. Wade is an attack on women’s rights

Women will always seek the option of terminating a pregnancy, be it unplanned, unwanted, medically compromised, economically, emotionally or socially impossible, or the result of rape or incest.

Legalizing abortion/pregnancy termination did not create the need for this procedure. Before Roe, desperate women died or were maimed by illegal abortions done by hacks or sympathizers in unsterile conditions.

Or women tried to abort themselves when no other option was available to them. Abortion is not the contraception of choice, but, rather it is a last but necessary resort in some cases. Yet settled law, in Roe v. Wade, is under attack. And zealots are on the march.

I fail to see how the decision to avoid bringing another human into the world, (a human that grows in and from her body, and for whom she is forever responsible), is anyone’s business but hers. Unfortunately, my position will not change any minds. I contend that it is inhumane to force a pregnancy on a woman. The irony is that the anti-choice zealots seek to defund Planned Parenthood and the availability of barrier or medical contraception that Planned Parenthood provides.

The affluent will always manage to circumvent restrictions on pregnancy termination. It is the less affluent, the marginally surviving women who will resort to desperate measures, at their peril. A child deserves a parent who wants her, and will work at taking care of her, and can afford the basic necessities for her.

Women, and the men who care about a humane society, paid a high price on the road to making pregnancy termination legal. Let’s fight against those who would deny women safe, affordable and physically available health care.

Lucia Leone Sleight LCSW-R


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