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Letter: One solution to woes is to mandate term limits

With abortion rearing its ugly head again, you can always count on politicians to stir the pot whenever it looks like their inactivity will bring closer scrutiny by the general public. Throw in race relations, another potential war, and a scandal or two, and you have the makings of an emotionally charged population ready to chew on every new bone they throw us to teeth on.

Like magicians that skillfully misdirect with one hand while performing their “magic” with the other, we are led to believe these topics are more important and are designed take our attention away from what really should be going on.

Isn’t it about time that we expressed our disdain and called for term limits for Congress? Politicians spend more time attacking one another than working out meaningful solutions. I am not saying that we should clean out the entire forest because of one dead tree, but selective culling through term limits would bring in fresh faces with fresh ideas and perhaps get us past some of the political shenanigans that senior politicians seem to be locked on to.

The latest Washington fiasco is the looming trade war with China. While it is important to protect American interests, you shouldn’t go about it by hurting the very people you are trying to protect. Keep the tariffs where they were on imports and lower the taxes on American-made products and services to stimulate domestic growth. I think that we all know who will ultimately pay for this and it is the American consumer.

Not a well thought out plan, and one that, despite all the distractions, you cannot hide the effects of because if there is one thing that consumers will remember, is how hard it hurts their wallet.

Charles D. Carter


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