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Editorial: It seems to us – Tim Hortons' very bad day, coolness at the canal, really good wine and … say, what?

It’s Marketing 101: Do not offer a special deal if you’re not prepared to follow through. And especially do not do it to mothers on the one day of the year set aside to honor their many contributions.

The people at Tim Hortons apparently skipped that class.

The ubiquitous coffee-and-doughnut chain had offered a free “mom-sized” iced coffee at two Western New York locations on Mother’s Day – then didn’t make sure to have enough supplies to meet anything close to the overwhelming demand it created.

One mom arrived at a Lockport restaurant at 11 a.m. last Sunday only to be told the store had sold out of the special almost five hours earlier. That’s not good.

The chain did note that the promotion would be available “while supplies last” but, come on. This is no way to make friends.

One of the coolest ideas ever to come to Canalside is on the verge of becoming a reality.

With the approval this week of the Erie Canal Harbor Development’s board, construction will soon begin on the proposed Longshed Building. There, under the guidance of the Buffalo Maritime Center, experts and novices from the community will work together to build a replica of the 1825 packet boat that transported then-Gov. DeWitt Clinton from Buffalo to New York City as the Erie Canal official opened.

The Longshed is expected to be completed by July 2020. The boat, itself, is planned to be finished by 2025, in time to celebrate the bicentennial of the Erie Canal’s opening. It will then be berthed in Canalside’s Commercial Slip as part of a tourism package. The boat will also tour sections of the Erie Canal system once a year.

Like we said: very cool.

• Must be nice: In Great Britain, a diner who had enough money to order a bottle of red wine costing $333 was inadvertently served one costing $5,760, according to the Associated Press. Good things come to those who overspend.

• A discriminating thief: Someone repeatedly broke into a couple’s home in Tyndall, S.D., and, over the course of two years, stole $500 worth of – wait for it – sex toys.

The AP didn’t report the nature of the pilfered implements, why it took so long to figure this out or what the burglar was doing with his new – which is to say, used – treasures. We leave it to your imagination.

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