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Letter: Electoral College remains necessary

To the letter writer who said we will never know how a country with out the Electoral College would be, we have 50 examples but to make my point we will only look at New York State with 62 counties.

In the 2010 census Hamilton County had a population of just about 5,000 residents while Queens County had roughly 2.2 million. So for our experiment we will call Queens County a must-stop for any statewide candidate while “flyover” Hamilton County is a never-stop. Now let’s imagine that every county had one vote and you wanted to win statewide, now Hamilton County becomes a must-stop just like Queens County was when it was just a popular vote. It would be a wonderful thing if New York State had an Electoral College-style election and then maybe Gov. Andrew Cuomo would take his/ours new helicopter to all 62 counties.

Ronald Hensel


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