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Letter: Democrats must improve their lackluster performance

The Democrats have had Congress since the beginning of the year. The numbers of days do not matter. What matters is why nothing has gotten done!

I am a Democrat, it saddens me, we are sitting in a nation that is so divided, it is like a civil war. Republicans are making Democrats look like we have egg on our face.

A trade war with China, Iran crisis, Russia in question, North Korea is shooting off missiles, again and a million people arriving through our southern border. Why isn’t one of those issues create enough urgency to bring Congress and the president together, instead, all they do is have political battles.

The world is a harder place; U.S. leadership is a laughing stock in much of the world. This Congress and this president need to find a way to work together, for the American people. The Republicans are touting but they waited to charge Eric Holder with contempt of Congress and the Democrats are charging William Barr almost immediately, it’s a game.

We elected both the president and the Congress to deal with the real issues that affect this country. Do they think the electorate wants to spent more on the investigation? They have lost touch with average Americans; not dealing with what’s right in front of them is very concerning.

Locally, Buffalo’s leadership, the governor, county executive and mayor has been resilient to work together to build a successful renaissance. The everyday American is tired of D.C., get the job done!

Mike May


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