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Alan Pergament: 'Veep' shot at Buffalo is height of sitcom laziness

Let’s hope sensitive and defensive Western New Yorkers and political types don’t make a big deal out of a one-line cheap shot against the area uttered in the series finale of HBO’s satirical political comedy “Veep” Sunday night.

It came from Selina Meyer, the foul-mouthed character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus as she was trying to get enough delegates to earn the presidential nomination in 2020.

“Assemblyman, I have been to Buffalo six times and I’m not even a serial killer,” Meyer says to someone at the other end of a telephone call.

I’ve always considered jokes about Buffalo in sitcoms the height of laziness in comedy writers. It is even more so today when you consider how much national press the area is getting in travel stories in publications across the country.

My sister on Long Island just sent me a recent article that was published in Newsday that promoted all the things one can do in Buffalo and Western New York.

I’ve never been a fan of “Veep” despite all the awards Louis-Dreyfus and the show has won. I’m as cynical as anyone about politics but the gratuitous use of curse words often strikes me as another lazy way to write comedy.

Spoiler alert: In the series finale, Meyer earned the presidential nomination by breaking every principle she ever held at the expense of her family members and staff.

The finale also borrowed a page from the series finale of HBO’s “Six Feet Under” by looking at Meyer’s life – and death – 24 years later.

In the process, it took a pause from the cynicism to deliver the positive message that future presidents would rise above Selina’s lowly standard.


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