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Letter: Red Sox manager was right to boycott White House visit

As a long-time Boston Red Sox supporter I wanted to weigh in on their recent visit to the White House to celebrate their 2018 World Series championship. While I don’t think less of the players who attended the event, I believe the obvious optics of what took place here is a stark portrayal of how divided this country has become under this divisive president.

His daily heated rhetoric on immigration and racial issues has directly impacted and divided the sports world unlike any other administration and this was no exception, with the participating players being mostly white and the boycotting players all being of color.

Before meeting with the champs, President Trump was asked about his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico at a press conference. He repeated a previously debunked claim of giving $91 billion to Puerto Rico and said how great he has treated them.

Let’s not forget that hurricane claimed more than 3,000 lives. How am I surprised at someone who never wants to take any responsibility for anything and always blames someone else?

As for the celebration, Trump lauded several of the key members of the Red Sox championship team who attended such as Chris Sale, J.D. Martinez and Steve Pearce. He conveniently omitted manager Alex Cora, Jackie Bradley, AL MVP Mookie Betts and World Series hero David Price, who all declined to participate. It is pretty obvious that any mention of some of the absent key members of the team would make the self-proclaimed greatest president ever look bad.

Give credit to Cora for standing up for his native Puerto Rico and handling an awkward team situation in a professional manner.

Russell Dye

East Amherst

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