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Letter: Politicians break laws by defending the undocumented

It’s official! Our political process is hijacked by foreign interests with the complicity of our own representatives.

In Albany, our state legislators, including Gov. Andrew Cuomo, actually passed a law granting tuition assistance, sometimes free college, to the children of undocumented foreign nationals, while not extending this privilege to Gold Star families of American veterans who were killed in action. This while our national student debt is in the trillions!

Politicians who are screaming the loudest to impeach the president are themselves using their public office to break the law by aiding, abetting and promoting illegal entry, to get votes. Media and politicians are even now pushing vehicle licensing for undocumented immigrants.

Our media propaganda system seems to be influencing Americans to act out in disharmony, convincing us to export our jobs and import Third World misery.

To witness individuals actively participating in their own victimization, by writing public letters simpering, supporting and promoting foreign law-breakers at taxpayer expense, is the most disgusting of all.

Americans need to regain the reality that nothing is free. Rejoin the give-and-take of our once vibrant democratic republic. Bring on the draft, earn and demand what belongs to us, instead of relinquishing the bounty bestowed upon us, at so much peril and sacrifice.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park

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