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Letter: History is being repeated under Trump administration

As a student of history I often wondered how a diabolical tyrant like Hitler was able to convince the German people that he was their savior. Prior to World War II the Germans were a sophisticated, educated, cultured, civil society so I could not understand how these “normal” people succumbed to Hitler’s lies and propaganda and supported his evil regime.

Sadly, I now understand how this unthinkable transition occurred, as I am seeing it played out daily in our country with Donald Trump. It happens slowly over time as we become desensitized to the daily barrage of lies and assaults on our democracy.

The constant denigration of our country’s founding principles and to its constitution combined with the divisiveness, bigotry and cruelty that have been endorsed or excused for too long by too many allows the current administration to lead us in an unimaginable direction – one that seems to favor autocratic rather than democratic values. It is imperative that we all pay close attention to history and the very dangerous, disturbing parallels we are facing today.

Ellen Levine


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