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Letter: History will say Trump had a tainted presidency

President Trump has no one to blame but himself for his tainted presidency and history will judge him accordingly.

The Mueller report details rump’s pre-election contacts with Russian diplomats through his agent, attorney Michael Cohen, and his son, Donald Jr. A little reading between the lines and common sense leads one to conclude that Donald Sr. knew that the Russians were trying to help him win the election and at the same time get him to make a hotel deal in Moscow.

Instead of reporting the interference in the U.S. election by a foreign power and giving up on the Moscow Trump Tower, he failed to notify the FBI or any other U.S. intelligence agency.

Why did he stay silent? I believe that he judged that he would lose the election, and if so, at least he would stay friendly with the Russians and get that hotel. His business interest clouded whatever ethics he possessed at the time. Ironically, he won the election and lost the hotel.

He won the election, but history will judge him as the beneficiary of Russian interference with social media and the hacking of his opponent’s private emails.

If you focus on the pre-election actions, when he had everything to gain, rather than post-election obstruction, when he was trying to avoid the loss of his presidency, you discover the real Donald Trump.

His election was corrupted and he could have cleaned up the mess before it happened.

Thomas A. Steffan


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