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Reporters' Notebook: May 10, 2019

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to dancer Fred Astaire, born on this date in 1899, “The higher up you go, the more mistakes you are allowed. Right at the top, if you make enough of them, it’s considered to be your style.”

• • •


She held my hand
her little girl
my small hand
held tight
crossing the street
crossing her life,
She held on tight
She feared:
letting me go.
But ...
I left as we must
plunge into the world:
sometimes quicksand
sometimes clouds
sometimes marriage
sometimes not
sometimes children
sometimes guilt.
Time passes on delicate wings.
How could I ... so transparent
not see,
my Mother’s hand reaching for me?
Grasping her hand, I now hold
tight, afraid to let her go.
Stay with me Mother awhile longer.
I will hold your hand as you once
held mine.
We will cross your life
– Carol J. Russell

• • •

MAN BITES DOG – The Tonawandas Erie Canal Gateway Lions Club holds a hot dog sale from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday at Main and Webster streets in North Tonawanda, across from the Broadway Hotel. Hot dogs are $2.50. Texas hots are $3. Pop is $1.

• • •

WHISTLE STOP – Historian Marty Bauer gives a free talk on the rich legacy of the Williamsville railroad depot at 2 p.m. Saturday in a program sponsored by the Village of Williamsville Historical Society in the Williamsville Meeting House, 5658 Main St. All are invited.

• • •

TONS OF TROMBONES – Brass bands, including the Hamburg Kingsmen, the St. Joseph’s of Batavia Brass Ensemble and the Mighty St. Joe’s Alumni Corps from LeRoy, take the stage as the Great Lakes Brass Alliance presents “Explosion in Sound” at 6 p.m. Saturday in Depew High School, 5201 S. Transit Road. Tickets are $10, three for $25. For more info, visit the Alliance’s Facebook page.

• • •


WRITING HIS MOM – Most of us show our appreciation for our mothers this weekend with a card, a phone call or maybe by taking her out to a nice dinner. Author and entrepreneur Mark Goldman went one step further. He wrote a book, “Tillie: A New York City Girl, 1906-2001.”
Goldman will mark its publication from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday in the Jewish Community Center, 787 Delaware Ave., where he will talk about growing up with Tillie and why he decided to pay tribute to her in this handsomely-designed memoir filled with vintage family photographs.
The talk will be accompanied by music from Patty Corrin, a friend of Tillie’s who “plays the songs from Tillie’s era in a way that she would like,” Goldman says. There also will be light refreshments.

• • •

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Artie Kwitchoff, Scott Johnston, Ron Rice, Jon Lehrer, Rebecca Haslinger, Bob Lederhouse, Amy J. Steiner, Amanda Ann Burns, Art Bean, Al Bean, Isaac Gwitt, Tom Wicezorek, Chris Kloc, Diane S. Covell, Gavin Snyder, Megan Makowski, Marion Rupp, John Billittier Jr., Victor Carbone, Nicole Mehlman-Davidow and Ryan Myers.

AND SATURDAY – Connor Halt, Marie Menza, Bob Erker, Karen Alfasso, Jennifer Domagalski, Dennis Maloney, Dan Neaverth, Sharon Chang, Leah Samol, Anita L. Hines, Monsignor Bill Gallagher, Bruce Blackwell, Tom Morris, Dave Cohen, Pat Szymanski, Jennifer Ricketts Pici, Judy Thomas, David Recktenwalt. Carolyn Vogt, Spencer Lee Vogt, Brandon Kaczmarz and Leo Bindert.

AND SUNDAY – Jana Eisenberg, Katherine J. Bestine, Joe Todaro, Fran McCann, William B. Maher, Linda Coles, Bernice Wiggins, Cathy Czwodjak, Mike Herbert, Bonnie Spencer, Ryan Young, Sue Lauck, Don Schrems, Jonathan Nabozny, Sheila Allman, Brenda Lauber, Barb Fink, Karen Winter, Todd Bosworth, Rita Desci, Linda Wein, Evan Pietraszewski, Laura Pankiewicz, Teddy Price, Richard Stitzel, Kenyon Simpson, Tim Myers, John M. Redman III and Laura De Rev.

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