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The houses Buffalo lost in a Ponzi house-flipping scheme

Of the 160 Buffalo houses flipped by Kuwaiti broker AbdulAziz HouHou and his associates, 17 have been demolished so far — with city taxpayers often picking up the tab.

Half of those houses were torn down after being damaged by fire.

The city is considering demolishing four more houses because of their deteriorated condition.

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Here are the houses The Buffalo News identified as having been taken down so far.

Ones with an asterisk were damaged by fire.

  • 722 E. Delavan Ave.*
  • 534 Glenwood Ave.
  • 27 Gold St.*
  • 525 Goodyear Ave.
  • 38 Hirschbeck St.*
  • 18 Houghton Ave.*
  • 19 Houston St.
  • 894 Kensington Ave.*
  • 1258 E. Lovejoy St.
  • 97 Milburn St.
  • 885 Northampton St.*
  • 103 Orlando St.*
  • 461 Plymouth Ave.
  • 1542 South Park Ave.*
  • 1276 Seneca St.*
  • 14 Sweet Ave.
  • 126 Wende St.

And here are the houses city inspectors say are likely to be demolished because of their dilapidated condition:

  • 43 Goembel Ave.
  • 25 Mesmer Ave.
  • 1408 South Park Ave.
  • 148 Thompson St.

The houses at 1408 South Park, 148 Thompson St., 43 Goembel Ave. and 25 Mesmer Ave.

HouHou, a Kuwaiti real estate broker, was flipping houses in Buffalo and other U.S. cities, as part of what a Kuwaiti court called an international fraud and money laundering scheme. Last year HouHou was sentenced in Kuwait to 10 years in prison and fined $16 million for money laundering and defrauding fellow Kuwaitis on the real estate deals in Buffalo as well as Rochester, Detroit, Cleveland, Florida and North Carolina.

How a Kuwaiti's Ponzi scheme left a trail of blight in Buffalo

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