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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Tyree Jackson was 'last guy invited to the Senior Bowl, and then he was the MVP'

As former University at Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson continued to go unselected in the draft, an ESPN camera crew found him asking aloud, “Did I kill somebody or something? Like, what did I do recently?”

The Buffalo Bills didn't mind his slide, though, and quickly scooped up the local product as an undrafted free agent. Vic Carucci detailed Jackson's draft-weekend emotions while also exploring why he might be a great fit with the Bills.

“I think him and Josh Allen have a lot of similar traits that both of those guys are unique in,” said Jordan Palmer, who privately trains both Allen and Jackson. “There’s a small group of people who have big, strong arms and have that size, arm talent and speed. And they have a great relationship. They spent a lot of time together this offseason (under Palmer’s tutelage) and they went through the exact same process."

Palmer added that Jackson will be OK with going undrafted because he has a history of beating the odds.

"The part of it that doesn't bother me at all about it is that Tyree took over a high school program that had not won and four years later, they won a bunch. And then he took over a college program that had not won, and then they ended up winning a bunch," Palmer said. "He was the last guy invited to the Senior Bowl, and then he was the MVP. He has developed a pattern of people giving him a small, entry-point opportunity and just creating his way in. That’s the part where I go, sixth round, seventh round, undrafted, it doesn’t really matter because of his mentality.”

According to the website, which runs comparisons of prospects' combine and Pro Day performances, Jackson's most similar athletic comparison in their database is Josh Allen. Jackson's spider chart from Pro Football Focus, which shows how he relates to the NCAA average in a number of PFF stats, also resembles Allen's. So if you liked Allen as a prospect, there's a good chance you'll find something to like about Jackson, too.

What the numbers say about LeSean McCoy's struggles: LeSean McCoy had a down season in 2018, but so did his offensive line. According to data from Mark Gaughan, McCoy was hit within a yard of the line on 50.3% of his carries – in 2016, the figure was 38.7%, almost 12 percent less than last season. McCoy may be on the downslope of his career, but this lends credit to the thought that he has enough gas in the tank to be productive with better blocking.


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