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My View: The best Mother's Day gifts don't have high price tags

By Norb Rug

Sunday is Mother's Day, celebrated every year to honor mothers and motherhood. Mother's Day is one of the most active holidays for phone calls, and Father's Day is the busiest day for collect calls. Typically, 30% more is spent on Mother’s Day gifts than on Father's Day gifts, reports The Wall Street Journal.

You may be at a loss what to get for Mom and around this time of the year lists come out filled with jewelry, appliances and other high-cost items to give her. It doesn’t take a whole lot of money to show Mom you appreciate all she has done for you, though.

Sometimes, presents for Mom that involve just a little work are much more effective than big, expensive ones. Pop some popcorn and dim the lights. Grab a copy of a movie she loves, her favorite liquid beverage and a box of Kleenex (if needed) and have a “watch party” with her. Make sure she knows that you will clean up afterward; that way she will be able to relax.

Your mother might be thankful for some help. Depending on her abilities she might welcome it if you vacuumed her carpets or did some yardwork for her. Spend the whole day doing the laundry or trimming the hedges for her. Giving her the gift of your time is irreplaceable.

Take her a hanging plant and hang it for her. Every time she sees it she will be reminded of how much you love her. Don’t forget to stop back in the fall before the snow flies to take it down so it isn’t there all winter.

If your mother drives, take her vehicle and have it washed and detail the interior to get rid of all the debris and trash that has accumulated over the winter.

Norb Rug.

If she likes to walk, go for one with her. This will give you a chance to chat with her and catch up. Speaking of chatting, if you and your mother live a distance apart and you can’t go see her, she would appreciate a phone call. If your mother has a computer with a camera, you can video chat using Skype or even Facebook.

Cut out paper hearts and hide them around her house. My granddaughter did this and I think we are still finding them. Tuck them into a mirror frame, the front of the TV or in a cupboard. When she finds them, it will remind you of how much you love them.

Cook a meal for her. This is especially helpful if she lives alone. Older women are prone to be two times more likely than men to live alone. Many times when they cook a meal they have to eat it for three or four days. By taking over a meal, your mom will have someone to chat with while she eats. When the meal is done, wash the dirty dishes for her.

If you are good with words, write her a poem and frame it. This is a gift from the heart. If you don’t have a frame, I suggest the dollar store because they always have simple frames available for just $1.

But honestly, the most priceless gift that you can give the woman who has devoted so much of her life to raising and nurturing you doesn’t cost a penny. An uninterrupted visit is something only you can give your mother. So shut off your cellphone and go see the person who raised you.

Norb Rug is a freelance writer from Lockport. 

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