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Letter: U.S. needs to a way to stop election meddling by Russians

Neither President Trump nor the Republicans want to stop the interference of the Russians in the upcoming election. Why should they? Putin stated in Helsinki that he wanted Trump to win the last election. It seems obvious, to me, that without at least the support of everyone who got him elected last time, Trump is going down. That means that the Russians must up their game as well if he is to be re-elected.

The Mueller report revealed that the GRU, Russia’s foreign military intelligence agency, gained access to election data in Florida. This data was then used by the GRU to advance a pro-Trump and anti-Hillary campaign strategy.

The Republican Party representatives in Congress are also facing a dire election result in which their voting depth is directly linked to the presidents’. Thus, their re-election is also going to benefit from a Russian interdiction into the election.

The Mueller report laid bare a few of the discoverable injections of the GRU into our election. Since, there has been no concerted effort by the executive branch to further investigate this breach of our election system.

If the GRU can gain massive access to election data and votes, then the election will not be an American election. It will be a foreign-manipulated one.

John Brandenberger


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