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Letter: Stop the ERA bill, which allows abortion rights

We have another law waking under the guise of “equality.” The Equal Rights Amendment basically was settled with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 stating no discrimination for race, religion, and sex. All people, including women, continue to gain great strides in every area set forth by our predecessors and constitutional amendments.

We are still reeling from the abortion expansion through all trimesters from the Democratic Party, which claims no need for protection when babies survive abortions. This used to be called infanticide.

Even though we acknowledge humans begin their life at conception, we arbitrarily replace a fundamental right to life; fabricating ownership for that right as property. That used to be called slavery.

ERA includes the insertion that abortion be granted a right in our constitution. If passed as written, we will lose all choice if we disagree along constitutional rights, and will be mandated to financially support it.

This misrepresentation sets imminent dangers, including our First Amendment ceasing to exist. The best way to prevent these would be to vote no.

Kathleen Skarupinski


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