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Letter: Concealed carry permits aren’t making us safer

I have to admit that I always get irritated with Rod Watson’s articles on gun issues. It’s clear that he’s in the hip pocket of local gun rights groups.

His article of April 25 was purported to be a tale of a local resident who lost her right to carry a pistol, and concluded with a general rant against the SAFE Act. Watson repeated all the talking points of the SAFE Act opposition which, by now, we could recite in our sleep.

As a reminder, I read all of the Assembly and Senate debates on the SAFE Act. The bill passed by votes of 104 to 43, and 48 to 18 respectively, including 11 Republicans in the Senate. With the exception of the seven-round magazine limit, the law has been upheld by our courts, with the Supreme Court declining to review the lower court’s decisions.

Regarding Watson’s “pistol permit recertification fiasco,” I completed my recertification form in about five minutes. I would conjecture that anyone holding a pistol permit should have the wherewithal to fill out a simple form, as I did.

Our country has greatly expanded state laws to facilitate concealed carry pistols. Watson’s subject, Lois, is Exhibit A in this national insanity. Without carrying a concealed pistol, she even stopped attending evening church services. Lord help us!

Peter Leyonmark


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