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A weekend binge recommendation, more Glor speculation and soaring 'Jeopardy!' ratings

Update May 6, 2019: Tonawanda native Jeff Glor out as anchor of 'CBS Evening News.' Click here to read more.

Notes picked up from the cutting room floor, with some new material added:

If you are looking for a new series to binge-watch this weekend, I highly recommend “Quicksand,” a six-episode series on Netflix from Sweden that focuses on a teenage girl being investigated and ultimately going to trial for the high school shooting of her out-of-control boyfriend and her best friend.

It doesn’t have subtitles and all the characters speak English. But I highly recommend using closed captioning.

Not surprisingly since it is a Swedish production, none of the actors likely will be familiar to American viewers.

The girl being investigated doesn’t dispute shooting the two victims. The series – which includes numerous flashbacks – focuses on her intent and whether she was protecting herself and others.

The difference between the American and Swedish justice systems – and parenting styles in the countries – is on display.

Like any good court case, viewers will be in suspense over the verdict at the end.

The series is only six, 45-minute episodes so you can watch it in one or two nights.

Another day, another reported rumor about the status of Jeff Glor, the Tonawanda native who is the anchor of "The CBS Evening News." Multiple outlets are reporting that Glor is about to be replaced by Norah O'Donnell, who is is leaving the low-rated CBS morning program. Some of the stories note that Glor hasn't been told yet and speculate that he will have another important role within the news division. Rumors of Glor's status have been circulating for months because of the newscast's low national ratings. Of course, the newscast has been in third place for years through several anchors before Glor got the job.

Tonawanda native Jeff Glor out as anchor of 'CBS Evening News'

How high can the local ratings for “Jeopardy!” go locally? Tuesday, the episode the day after James Holzhauer almost lost, the show hit a 17.3 rating on Channel 4. Wednesday’s episode had an 18.1 rating. Thursday's episode had a 17.3 rating. The three episodes will be the highest-rated programs on local TV  this week by a wide margin. Before Holzhauer appeared on the show, “Jeopardy!” was getting about a 9 or 10 rating locally. Holzhauer moved into second place in consecutive wins all-time Thursday with 21 victories. If he makes it to 22 Friday night, he will get a rest next week because “Jeopardy!” has a special teachers week.

Why James Holzhauer has brought me back to 'Jeopardy!'

Sports Report: ESPN has announced that its Monday Night Football team in the upcoming season will be play-by-play man Joe Tessitore, analyst Booger McFarland, reporter Lisa Salters and officiating expert John Parry. In other words, Jason Witten – who left the booth after one season to rejoin the Dallas Cowboys – hasn’t been replaced and Peyton Manning didn’t want the job. I’m a fan of Tessitore and Salters, but I don’t think hearing more from McFarland is the answer. Oh, well, another reason not to be upset that the Buffalo Bills aren’t on the MNF schedule this season.

A national sports journal reported this week what was reported in this column last month: The ratings for Buffalo Sabres games this season improved by between 70 and 75 percent on MSG despite the wheels coming off and the team missing the playoffs.

That made Buffalo the highest-rated TV market in the NHL with an average rating of 8.13 for the season. The Pittsburgh Penguins were No. 2 with a 6.38 rating.

However, since each rating point in Buffalo (the nation’s No. 52 television market) is worth 5,869 households and a point in Pittsburgh (the nation’s No. 24 TV market) is worth 11,087 households, more households were watching in Pittsburgh even with the lower rating.

Not surprisingly, Buffalo was tied for sixth place with Kansas City for the triple coverage of the NFL draft carried by ABC, ESPN and The NFL Network for Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday afternoon with an overall average of 6.8. But viewership dropped significantly after the Bills picked Houston's Ed Oliver in the first round Thursday. Nashville, where the draft was held, was No. 1.

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