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'Buffalo Waterfront' rebrand won't squeeze out familiar names

Whether you catch a concert at Canalside, ride a bike along an Outer Harbor trail or dock a boat at Erie Basin Marina, you're on the waterfront.

So a state agency has begun using a new catchall term to cover all of these places: the Buffalo Waterfront.

The Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp. chose the umbrella name to use on its website.

It will still use the names "Canalside," "Outer Harbor," "Erie Basin Marina" and others.

"People are still misunderstanding where all these places are and how they are connected," said Steven Ranalli, Erie Canal Harbor's president.

"Everyone knows Canalside, and yet I'll still talk to people who don't know where the Outer Harbor is," he said. "Then there is Buffalo RiverWorks and Wilson Jr. Centennial Park and Erie Basin Marina, and Lakeside Bike Park and Wilkeson Pointe – all of these places need to find a home under one logical place so the public can find them."

Using the catchall name will simplify matters, said Pamm Lent, an agency spokeswoman.

"This allows us to maintain one website, so when someone comes they don't go to Canalside and not know what's happening on the Outer Harbor, or vice-versa," Lent said.

For the past several years, Canalside has drawn most of the attention on the waterfront. But more recently, the Outer Harbor has begun to come into its own with plans coming to fruition or in the planning stages.

The investment in other waterfront areas and their growing popularity, and the planned changes coming to LaSalle Park, to be renamed Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Centennial Park, also led to the decision, Lent said.

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