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Langworthy makes it official: He's running for state GOP chairman

Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy formerly announced Saturday that he is running for chairman of the New York State Republican Party.

Langworthy has been making the rounds across the state in recent weeks, mounting an all-out effort to replace veteran Edward F. Cox as state party leader.

Langworthy released a YouTube video announcing his candidacy.

In it he acknowledges that 2018 was a "difficult year" for Republicans in New York. "We lost all our statewide elections. We lost seats in Congress and we lost our critical majority in the State Senate." He blasts Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his pushing higher taxes and tools and "enacting radical socialist plans" and vows to provide President Donald Trump "the support he needs and deserves from his home state in 2020."

As part of his strategy, Langworthy said he will seek out more female candidates and reach out to younger voters. He wants to recruit 30,000 small donors and "really tackle voter registration in our state."

Langworthy ramps up campaign to become state GOP leader

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