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How to spend a Saturday afternoon: the oldest tree in Buffalo, Buen Vivir Gallery, Grindhaus, Rowhouse

We all know about some of Buffalo's most famous landmarks. Our architectural king Frank Lloyd Wright steals much of the spotlight (deservedly) and the rest of it is lent to the silos of our rust belt roots, massive contemporary art gallery and those big waterfalls a little to the north.

But wait, there's more. We have a tree that is 309 years old.

As part of our Saturday afternoon series, we're visiting Delaware Avenue and Allentown. Partly for this tree, which is impressive in its sheer size (and also official, it has a plaque), and partly for the rest of Delaware's attractions, from the mansion-dotted walk between sites to its galleries and restaurants.

Weather: FYI, Saturday should be sunny and cold, with a high temperature of 44 degrees.


A standard brunch menu in 2019 seems to have a few of the following options: breakfast pizzas covered in at least a bag of arugula, a grain bowl, a parfait, a breakfast sandwich, and a standard eggs and bacon option that is generally a step or two above a diner's. While perhaps predictable, it's also a sign of healthier times. These menus often feature locally sourced ingredients where possible; greens and grains replace several chocolate-covered pancake options. The menu at Rowhouse (483 Delaware Ave.) follows this trend. It's a suitable option for a healthy breakfast that should fuel you just enough to enjoy a brisk day walking on and around Delaware Avenue.

Visit Rowhouse for a healthy brunch to prepare you for a Saturday afternoon of tree-hugging and art. (Derek Gee/News file photo)


Calling one tree in the middle of the city "nature" is, maybe, a stretch. However, if you've never visited the oldest tree in Buffalo, clocking in at an estimated 309 years old, you should swing by 404 Franklin St. You'll notice it immediately as the street's gigantic tree. Signified by a plaque installed in 1960, when the tree was a spritely age of 250, you can lean on its mammoth trunk and appreciate all this tree has seen, including Buffalo's entire history.

Sean Kirst: For Buffalo's 'oldest' tree, windstorm was a breeze


At ¡Buen Vivir! Gallery for Contemporary Art (148 Elmwood Ave.), art is much more than aesthetically pleasing as exhibits tackle significant social issues. Currently on view is "In Between the Middle," a #notwhite collective, featuring the work of 14 bi- or multicultural women who either are immigrants or are descendants of immigrants. Through their work, the artists address identity in America as a minority and social-cultural issues facing their communities.

While it might be a bit too chilly to enjoy Grinhaus' sidewalk patio, soak up the last few days of hot chai latte weather. (Robert Kirkham/News file photo)


Cozy up inside artsy Grindhaus Cafe (160 Allen St.) for one of the season's last piping hot chai lattes or cappuccinos, before our coffee shop orders become eternally prefaced by the word ice. A short walk from Delaware, follow up brunch with a midday snack of toast – either avocado, ricotta with jam, or cinnamon sugar. Rumor has it this is Olympic snowboarder Shaun White's coffee shop hangout when he comes to town, and by "rumor," I mean that one time I'm 99 percent sure I saw Shaun White here when he was in town for his girlfriend, Phantogram member Sarah Barthel's, Town Ballroom show.

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