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Study spots around Buffalo for finals week

Wake up.

Go to class.

Do homework.


Do more homework.

Go to another class.

Go to a coffee shop. (Do some more homework.)

At least we're nearly in the final stretch. There's just that one paper, a couple of quizzes, maybe three exams and one more paper between you and waving a final goodbye to the professor who clearly doesn't understand that his class isn't his students' sole priority.

In the meantime, if you're going stir-crazy inside your bedroom or school's library, try one of these spots for a change of pace. Go for the caffeine, food, liquor, beer or just a quiet, erudite ambiance around other studious folks.

Whether you need a sugary pick-me-up or a savory lunch, chances are you'll need something to get your through that bio textbook. This caprese crepe from Wholly Crepe might just do the job. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News file photo)

For coffee:

Wholly Crepe

3292 Main St.

Do you know what makes studying better? Butter, flour, eggs and chocolate, combined. Every time.

Close to the University at Buffalo's south campus, Wholly Crepe is a bright lunch spot with coffee and crepes. It feels more like a coffee shop than a creperie, with a few couches and more than enough bench seating. For a study session over a hot pocket of ricotta lemon and blueberry, head there with your books and appetite.

Spot on Elmwood

765 Elmwood Ave.

For not being a large chain, it seems like there is a Spot Coffee at every corner. But the Spot on Elmwood has something special. Aside from its proximity to SUNY Buffalo State, this Spot reigns as a college hangout for its roomy dining room, laid-back atmosphere and sustenance ranging from small pastries to mammoth quesadillas. There's plenty of seats, so if you want to nurse that tea for a few hours holed up in the same chair, go for it.

Daily Planet

1862 Hertel Ave.

Equidistant between Canisius College and the University at Buffalo, Daily Planet is a cafe for those who aren't looking for peace and quiet, instead preferring to hear local guitarists, keyboardists and singers croon acoustic coffee shop music. Generally fairly busy and loud -- but still hushed enough to drown out with headphones -- Daily Planet supplies its own white noise. And vegans, the cafe's food and pastry menu doesn't forget you, offering several meatless, vegan or gluten-free wraps, bowls, sandwiches and desserts.

Lucky Day's whiskey library features more liquor bottles than a college boy's apartment shelves. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News file photo)

For something stronger:

Lucky Day Whiskey Bar

320 Pearl St.

The booths lining Lucky Day's dining area are deep-seated, vaguely castle-reminiscent and separated by old-school curtains. It's as close as we can get in Buffalo to studying at Hogwarts. There's no butterbeer or Felix Felicis, but there are a lot of whiskeys, an entire library full, really. Do you know who drinks whiskey-on-the-rocks while studying? Ravenclaws, probably.

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Thin Man Brewery

492 Elmwood Ave.

The noisy, popular craft brewery might not be the first or 27th place that comes to mind for studying. But for fans of the brewery's well-liked Burning Money IPA, it is an obvious choice for an afternoon away from your desk. From the second-floor patio, soak up the sunshine while spreading your books out on a table, catching a birds-eye view of bustling Elmwood Avenue. Just watch out for beer spilling on your papers. Professors understand coffee marks, but beer? Ehh.

Founding Fathers Pub

75 Edward St.

Founding Fathers and all its quirky presidential memorabilia makes the list for its sheer nerdiness and genuine helpfulness for history majors. Everywhere you glance, you'll see a new piece of history. In college, you're likely well past the "reciting presidents" portion of American schooling, but take yourself back to the juice-box days and test how many of the old men you recognize. All presidents are pictured here, but some are hidden better than others.

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Lose yourself, not your mind, in library stacks this finals week. (Mark Mulville/The Buffalo News file photo)

For that study atmosphere:

Dog Ears Cafe and Bookstore

688 Abbott Road

Encompassed by books -- soup spoon in one hand and a coffee in the other -- dig into a study lunch at Dog Ears. With its inexpensive soup-and-sandwich menu, ordering mind fuel is easy. There's even a sandwich named Writer's Block, which presumably helps the eater overcome the ailment in a self-aware, tongue-in-cheek way. Peruse the store for books afterward, to get your mind off of the books you have to read for school.

Barnes and Noble

1565 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst; 3701 McKinley Parkway (McKinley Mall), Hamburg; 4401 Transit Road, Clarence.

Amazon may have dented the bookstore chain, but they're still kicking around the area. The bookstores are comparable in size to grocery stores and the stacks are easy to get lost in. With plenty of reading materials to grab and a Starbucks inside each bookstore, it's an air-conditioned reading spot for after finals week, too. But while the focus is still on passing classes, find a table near an outlet and stay as long as you want.

Central Library

1 Lafayette Square

At last, there's always the library. You could hang out in your own school's library, but if you've already wasted too many hours away in there, try sitting near the floor-to-ceiling windows at Buffalo's downtown branch. Stop by the Mark Twain room for a short jaunt through literary history and a chance to see some of the original "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" manuscript.

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