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Letter: Rock ‘n Play recall punishes parents and Fisher-Price

I disagree with the Fisher-Price recall for the Rock ‘n Play. It is the best invention ever to soothe newborns and help parents get much needed rest.

And I said “newborns.”

All the parents that I have observed use the thing the way it was intended and watch their infants – you can never leave a baby unattended, although we all have done it at one time or another and for most of us, we have been lucky.

But to recall 5 million Rock ‘n Plays is ridiculous!

When parents “forgot” and left their babies in their cars we did not recall cars, car seats, or how about high chairs? How many babies have slid or fallen from a high chair?

How many moms are on their phones? I just saw this happen in a restaurant and the kid slid out of the booster seat. Is it the restaurant’s fault?

Why don’t we recall parents? The Rock ‘n Play is not for a 4-month-old let alone a 5-month-old child. It’s just not that big. It is for a newborn infant. It cannot be used as a “babysitter” while a parent is doing something else.

Babies grow at all different rates; some turn over at three months, some at 5 months but they all turn over and you don’t know when unless your there. And don’t forget: Babies are quick! It only takes seconds. You literally can not take your eyes off your kids!

I am keeping my Rock ‘n Play and so are members of my family. The real hard truth is that more and more parents are not watching their children.

Don’t punish all of us … and for crying out loud don’t punish Fisher-Price!

Joyce Andrews

West Falls

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