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Letter: We must undo damage from burning fossil fuels

Fossil fuels. We have been burning them for thousands of years. Do you want to do away with heat, air conditioning and automobiles? I don’t think so.

Then we have plastics. We have already gone too far. Landfills full of plastics don’t deteriorate. We have polluted the oceans and lakes. A minority recycle plastics.

What do we do? Fine the people who don’t. That would be the majority of people.

We have the brains but not the will. It will just go on until something breaks. Then the politicians will get excited. No pure water to drink. No clean air to breathe.

Now we’re going into the meat.

It would affect everybody. Millions will die. Are we awake now? Who is going to step forward?

We cannot stop burning fossil fuel or having plastic products. We must redirect our aims to undo the damage that they are doing.

Joe Bauer


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