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Letter: High Line could morph into Albatross Skyway

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent suggestion to turn the Skyway into another above-ground walkway similar to New York city’s High Line is commendable.

Once Buffalo’s “High Line” is completed, it will afford people a great view of Buffalo along with its numerous failed projects like a nonexistent new Peace Bridge that never leaves the drawing board, or numerous failed abandoned public housing projects, dilapidated industrial buildings, a crumbling Central Terminal, as well as the skeletal remains of the Bethlehem Steel Plant.

In fact, we can name our “High Line” the “Albatross Skyway” since Buffalo is straddled with projects weighed down with high expectations but low accountability.

Buffalo’s “Albatross Skyway” will be worshipped as our Blunt Everest where people will slowly ascend to the pinnacle whereby when they reach “nirvana” they will plant a 4:20 flag and celebrate by smoking a blunt. In winter all the “blunt climbers” will be able to slide back down like a toboggan run, minus any toboggan. It will be the highlight of Buffalo’s “Booze - Food & Blunts” tourism.

While I do admit that a lot has been achieved into making downtown a great party town I also live among those “partying” individuals who return to the neighborhoods only to finish their work of turning everything into a ghetto.

Matthew R. Powenski


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