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Area boxing (April 15)

NYS Golden Gloves Championships

JO Female: Kelis Colbert (Buffalo Boxing Club) def. Alayna Carter (Casal’s Boxing), 5-0.

123 Open: Alex Castellano (Victory Boxing) d. DeVonte Noble (St. Martin’s) 5-0.

165 Novice: Davail Steele (Buffalo PAL) d. Marducio Potter (Ray’s Kids), 3-2.

141 Open: Jessie Noble (Rochester) d. Izay Harris (Hittaz Boxing), 3-2.

201+ Subnovice: Quin Dorsey d. Ali Davis, 4-1.

132 Novice: Terrin Jackson (Buffalo PAL) d. Anthony Faulise (Unattached), 3-2.

165: Scott Bovanzier (Casal’s Boxing) d. Rolano Eugeino (Ray’s Kids), 3-0.

132 Open: Joe Reed (Unattached) d. Shamar Lutchman (Ray’s Kids), 4-1.

141: Gabriel Hornsby (NWBCC Boxing) d. Tyler Banks (Ultimate Athletics), 3-2.

201+ Novice: Mike Ladd (Ultimate Athletics) d. Marcus Vargas (Lackawanna Boxing), 5-0.

141 Subnovice: Juvier Cox (Ray’s Kids) d,. Diaa Zabadani (NWBCC Boxing), 5-0.

178 Novice: Adonis Alcime (UB Boxing) d. Kenan Hayes (Nasty Knuckles), 4-1

201 Novice: Antonio Torres Jr. (Jamestown YMCA) d. Darren McElligott (Unattached).

178 Open: Elijah Austin (Casal’s Boxing) d. Mike Ross (Unattached) 5-0.

165 Open: Elchin Aliyey (Buffalo Boxing Club) d. Algenis Marte (Chet Cashman), 5-0.

152 Open: Charles Garner III (Buffalo PAL) d. Massiah Miles (Fight Factory), 5-0.

125 Open Female: Miklah Krep (Unattached) d. Casey Costanzo (Casal’s Boxing), 3-2.

201 Open: Riko Hernandez (Fight Factory) d. Mark Fox (Danville Boxing), 5-0.

Master’s: Brad Stalhman (Stalhman Boxing) d. Dennis Romanowski (NWBCC Boxing).

201+ Open: Nolan Smith (Casal’s Boxing) d. Chris Adams (Ultimate Athletics), 5-0.

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