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Letter: New York would regret legalizing marijuana

I read with great interest, the recent Viewpoints article by Dasheeda Dawson urging the legalization of marijuana in New York State.

The author credits Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown with ending “low level possession” arrests of a drug Gov. Andrew Cuomo once characterized as a “gateway drug.”

There was no public outcry when the Buffalo Police Department was told to cease these arrests.

I believe that marijuana possession in any form is still on the books of the New York State penal law and additionally, there is federal prohibition.

In the past, Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard was criticized when he told his deputies to overlook the ridiculous provision of the SAFE Act which made instant criminals of otherwise law-abiding citizens who were found to have 10 rounds of ammunition in their legally possessed handgun as opposed to seven bullets per the new law.

Curiously, both Cuomo and Brown are Democrats and Howard is a Republican.

If pot legalization takes place, perhaps we should think about utilizing some of the estimated $3.1 billion of the state’s annual market to fund addiction treatment centers.

Bruce Mussehl


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