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Letter: Newly sworn-in citizens more respectful than natives

On Saturday I was at my church delivering pussy willows and when I walked out of the church I saw two guys in the parking lot. Both habitually park there and at this time one of them was working on his car and the other was letting his large German shepherd have a dump, (uncollected I might add) on the church lawn.

His defecating doggy is purely a metaphor for his contempt for all things decent. I suggested to them that it is nice to have a place to park, a place to work on their cars, a place where they don’t get parking tickets and a place that is plowed in the winter.

The one fellow who was applying illegal tinting on his windows would not acknowledge me, but the dog handler became incensed. They are simply helping themselves to the largess of others.

Being tax time, I have been thinking about the deficit and my own personal deficit.

Money is fungible, but our time used to earn that money is not.

We can always make more money but the time required to earn that money is irreplaceable. Much like a machine that has an hour meter on it, our lives, all have an hour meter that is always running against what is allotted to us.

When a government takes your money, when a person barges across the border illegally and by default incurs law enforcement and human service expenses, they are all helping themselves to your money, but more importantly your time, your life! You can’t get those hours back!

Many folks perform volunteer service dedicating their finite hours to the cause of their choice. It is their time, their money, their grace.

Every year I attend swearing-in ceremonies at Canalside. It is beautiful, reverent and proper. The newly sworn-in citizens certainly are not helping themselves to the largess of others. They paid the price!

David McElroy


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