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Letter: Let’s welcome new arrivals, instead of pushing them away

The headline in Wednesday’s Business section of The News proclaimed: “Demographic decline poses economic threat.” It preceded an article from the New York Times about a report from a reputable think tank, the Economic Innovation Group, which concluded that the United States, as well as Japan and Europe, faces economic stagnation due to aging population.

As so-called baby-boomers retire, there are not enough workers in the 25-54 age group to replace them. Birth rates have fallen.

Traditionally, the way that the United States has reinvigorated its population is through immigration. We should be thankful that people, mostly under 40 years of age, want to come here to live and work in peace. Despite the unsubstantiated claims of President Trump, that is what they want to do.

Waves of immigrants have always aspired to move to America to escape persecution, violence, and poverty in their native lands. They should be welcomed. Our guiding image should be the Statue of Liberty, not a wall.

Here in Buffalo, we understand and appreciate how recent immigrants have contributed to the growing renewal of our formerly moribund city.

Aided by several resettlement organizations, they will, within a generation, establish homes, learn English, become educated here, become citizens, start business, pay taxes, and contribute to our local economy.

Instead of decrying all the new arrivals striving desperately to come to America, we should be greeting them with support and appreciation.

Michael Silverman


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