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UB women's basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack: 'I never went after a job'

Felisha Legette-Jack is still at UB.

While she was a candidate for head coaching openings at Penn State and at Georgia Tech, the UB coach told The News on Wednesday that she was sought out for openings at those schools.

"I never left Buffalo, and I'm not back, for one," Legette-Jack said. "When I tell my players to be the best you can be, and then the WNBA might discover you, and you get drafted in the second round, I can't make you do the job in the dark. Because I didn't do my job in the dark.

"I never went after a job. But when people come and talk to you, you would be remiss not to listen. When people knock on your door, you have to open it and see what that conversation is about. I never put out that I wanted a different job."

On Monday, UB athletic director Mark Alnutt told reporters that Legette-Jack was a candidate — and confirmed reports that Legette-Jack was a candidate for coaching openings at other programs. Alnutt said an offer is on the table for Legette-Jack, but he did not disclose whether it would be a pay raise, an extension or both.

Legette-Jack did not comment on any potential contract renegotiations, or if she had offers from either Georgia Tech or Penn State to become its head coach. Georgia Tech announced Monday that it hired Nell Fortner as its new head coach. Penn State announced April 3 that it named Carolyn Kieger as its new head coach.

"I love Buffalo," Legette-Jack said. "I love what we've done here. I love the proximity to my mama, but it's the process of being great. It's a process. I was a coach that got fired. I put 50 resumes out and got not one call back. So now, when people call me, I can do two things. I can say, 'Hey, you didn't call me.' Or I can answer and hear what they have to ask."

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