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The Ark of a story too good to be true

It was the kind of media release that gets a reporter's heart pumping.

A preliminary engineering study of potential convention center sites is abruptly suspended by the Erie County Department of Public Works after foundations and artifacts predating the British burning of Buffalo in 1813 are identified by retired county archaeologist Henry W. Jones Jr. near Mohawk and Huron streets downtown.

The release included a historic map and image attachments.

It also had a few oddities.

First, Dr. Henry W. Jones Jr. is much more famously known by the first name "Indiana." Second, purported video of the archaeological site links to the 1980s music video "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.

Then there's the odd letter pattern that kept showing up, like in the sub-headline: Advanced Procedures Reach Inaccessible Locations, Find Old Objects Left Subsurface.

And if that and the many subtle references to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" didn't tip anyone off, then that reporter might have ended up attending an unrelated Poloncarz event on April 1 to ask some questions.

We are relieved to say that wasn't us, but we were a little overexcited for a while.

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