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Restaurant delivery service SkipTheDishes to leave Buffalo, U.S. market altogether

Restaurant delivery service SkipTheDishes has announced it will soon cease operations in Buffalo and in the U.S. market, according to an email received by several Buffalo restaurateurs Tuesday.

The Winnipeg-based company, which debuted in Canada in 2012, began delivering in Buffalo in 2016. More than 200 area restaurants relied upon the service.

"We’re reaching out to let you know that SkipTheDishes is exiting the United States market and will soon no longer operate in your area," the email to its Buffalo partners reads. "As Canada’s market leader in online food delivery, we’re excited to focus on building our business and brand at home in Canada. We will be working with Grubhub to transition your account onto their platform."

The notice continued by explaining SkipTheDishes' clients would be "integrated" into GrubHub in a process "which is further than 30 days from now."

A SkipTheDishes spokesperson confirmed Wednesday: "Skip has entered into an agreement to transition the operations of our six markets in the United States to Grubhub. Our focus is on building our business and brand at home in Canada and fueling international food delivery as part of the Just Eat Group."

SkipTheDishes had developed a reputation of irking Buffalo restaurateurs, and Forty Thieves and Doc Sullivan's owner Tommy Cowan spoke about the frustrations he and his staffs experienced.

"We started seeing some issues with the service, like drivers very late to pickup food while the customers would think it was the restaurant taking a long time to cook, which would make the food cold, and drivers stealing food from orders. This happened a lot!" Cowan said.

"When the customer would call the restaurant to complain that only half their orders were delivered, it was on us to remake the order for free and personally deliver (which we have done numerous times ). When this would happen I would contact SkipTheDishes Restaurant support team, and they would say things like 'it’s a hard lesson to learn' and 'we do not have any proof this happened.'

In addition to Buffalo, SkipTheDishes also has a presence in Ohio, Missouri and Nebraska. It was known as one of the few delivery services where customers had the option to pay in cash, rather than only credit. The company could not be reached for comment.

Delivery service alternatives in the Buffalo market are GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash (which will be used by Doc Sullivan's and Forty Thieves), and several others.

News contributor Emeri Krawczyk wrote about the process for restaurant delivery services and their popularity in 2016.


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