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Letter: Texting drivers cause hazards for motorists and themselves

Buffalo, we have a problem. There are too many selfish people driving on the highways. There are billboards and commercials explaining the dangers of texting and driving, and yet people still do it because they believe nothing bad will happen to them.

When I am the passenger in a car, I have seen people texting and driving or putting on makeup on the I-90 and on Route 400.

About a month ago I saw a man texting on the 90. His head was down, and he had no hands on the wheel. I very much like my life, and I’m sure others like their lives as well.

If you happen to text and drive you are a selfish maniac who either is hellbent on suicide or homicide because by keeping your eyes off of the road you have turned your vehicle into a weapon.

I don’t care if you’re late, I don’t care if you’re calling in sick, I don’t care if your child just texted you, I don’t care if it’s the most important conversation of your life. It can wait.

Megan DePerro

East Aurora

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